Secrets To Designing A Memorable Business Card

You have probably been handed hundreds of business cards, but i bet you have only kept a select few. What saved those specific cards from the bin?

Perhaps you were interested in the person giving you the card, or the product or service they provided. But most likely, the actual card did the trick.
A well-designed business card can boost your business all on its own.


Here are secrets to designing a memorable business card.

How To Design A Memorable Business Card

1- Concept
You business card should directly communicate the nature of your business. Think of it as an extention of your company’s marketing.
Including your logo and similar elements from your website gives your business card cohesiveness. Also don’t forget to utilize both sides of your business card.

2- Content
if you are handing out a business card, you name, title, company, and contact information should be clearly displayed.

3- Font
The typography you choose sets the tone and overall feel for not only your card, but also your business. It is best to choose a font with optimal readability.

Five Designer’s favorite fonts:
1- Swiss
2- Adelle
3- Futura
4- Helvetica
5- Century

4- Color
Always stick to CMYK (Cyan-Meganta-Yellow-Black) when designing. This will ensure the end result will look precisely as you had anticipated.
If you choose the RGB (Red-Green-Blue) color profile, the colors will not transfer exactly into the final prints.

On average, prospects will keep a color card 10 times longer than a standard card.

1- Bleed
Bleeding ensures your design wont’t be affected if there is a slight inconsistency or movement while printing


2- Finish
Typically three finishes are available: smooth, linen, and laid. Smooth finish is the most popular.


3- Invert
To create a bigger impact, invert your text. White on black (or on any dark color for that matter) makes your design stand out more.


4- Material
Now that so many different materials are available. You can use this to your advantage. For example, if you are a DJ, a vinyl card is clever. But do not get carried away. Just stick to paper that is appealing to the touch.

Present Your Card Properly


– Do politely hand someone your card.
– Do not hide your card in your palm and shake hands.
– Do keep your card in your wallet or card holder to avoid wrinkling the edges.
– Do not slide your card between your fingers.

International Etiquette


1- Japan

Receive your card with both hands; bow and express gratitude to the person giving you their card. Do not immediately put the card away; instead, take time to glance it over. Never place the business card in your pocket, that’s considered rude.

2- China

Hand your card over to the person you are meeting, with the contact information facing up. Receive their card with both hands and bow.

3- Pakistan

Present and receive business cards with your hand and company name facing up. Put the card in business card wallet.

4- Spain & Turkey

Present your business card to the receptionist, when you arrive.