10 Spacing Rules of Graphic Design

Today i share 10 Spacing Rules of Graphic Design that all the graphic designers and artists should keep in their mind before designing.

10 Spacing Rules of Graphic Design:

1- Space:

Insert a single space after all punctuation.

2- Body Copy:

Body copy should be flush left/ragged right or full justification without rivers.

3- Proper Paragraph:

Proper paragraph indentation is the size of an em space.

4- Margins:

Margins should always be changed from the default settings.

5- Leading:

Leading must be adjusted for clarity.

6- Large Text:

Large text requires kerning.

7- Tracking:

Tracking over +/- 5 should be avoided.

8- Lines:

Lines must start at the same place across all columns.

9- Avoid:

Avoid widows and orphans.

10- Line Length:

Proper line length is around 40 characters.