30 Free Flat Web Buttons 2014

The web buttons are designed in a shape of rectangle or round corner rectangle or some time in a very creative way. The web buttons are designed with a specific resolution and pixels. Every web button have a very important caption description in its center.

The functionality or method of a web button is pressing with pointer which is basically belong to the mouse of a system connected with your computer or laptop.

When the web button is pressed by pointer with the help of mouse of your system, the following changes happen such as the click web button proceed you to the next website or transfer you to the next programme or web place etc.

These are all process only happen when pressed is made. We can also say that the web button having a very strange or professional behaviour with us.

It is not compulsory that the web button always be in a shape of rectangle, it can be in a shape of some specific area such as tinny picture, when we click the picture, it will open in a new window with a large scale of picture. The face and behaviour of web buttons always different in many places according to situation & requirement.

Today i designed the 30 Free Flat Web Buttons 2014. These web buttons are designed in illustrator. These web buttons are in vector format. You can download these web buttons free. You can make changes in these web buttons according to your requirement. These web buttons can be placed on light and dark backgrounds websites and blogs.

Feel free to download these web buttons and enjoy.

30 Free Flat Web Buttons 2014
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30 Free Flat Web Buttons 2014 Version:

Available Format: Ai (Vector)

License: Free for personal use only + (Link Back to this Web Buttons Set)