40 Free E-Commerce Icons Set (Ai & Pngs) 2014

Today i designed the 40 free e-commerce icons set. These icons, i designed in illustrator. These icons are in vector format. You can make changes in these icons according to your requirement. These icons can be placed on light and dark backgrounds websites and blogs.

These are all fanart.

E-commerce icons are basically use for sale, purchase and money transaction or transfer process. There are many online banks which gives the services to sale, purchase and all the money transaction in the world. The process of all the online banks is different from one and another. Some of online banks require e-mail verification. Some of online banks such as paypal required bank verification or credit card verification during bank account opening. All the banks having the different verification process for account opening but the purpose is same, to fulfil the need of online money transaction of the consumers and people around the world.

Every online bank having their own respective logos, which is use in the website and blogs around the world for transactions. Specially the wordpress blogs support the Paypal and Alert Pay (Payza) banks for the purpose of online transaction, online sale, purchase even all the online transaction needs of the people of around the world.

There are 40 free e-commerce icons set. Feel free to download and enjoy.

E-Commerce Icons

e-commerce icons

40 Free E-Commerce Icons Set (Ai & Pngs) Version:

Available Format: Ai, Pngs

License: Free for personal use only + (Link Back to this icons Set)



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