60+ Digital Art, Illustration, Drawing & Character Design by Kerem Beyit (Inspiration) 2014

Today i share with you the post of 60+ Digital Art, Illustration, Drawing & Character Design by Kerem Beyit  (Inspiration) 2014. The kerem beyit the creditor of this post is a very passionate and hardworking illustrator. This post is the best inspiration for the designers and artists.

He says:
Drawing has been a passion of mine ever since I could remember. In my homeland, art is not perceived to be a way to earn a living, therefore it took a while for me to adopt this passion professionally, but since 2004 I have been working in a very disciplined fashion. Book covers, character design and fantasy-themed illustrations in general make up the bulk of my works.

So to round off, I’m a hard-working guy, love challenges, love being a freelancer, an avid comic reader, gamer, movie buff and 1/6 collector.

Wizards of the Coast
Disney Consumer Products
Sony Online Entertainment
Paizo Publishing
Blizzard Entertainment
Cryptozoic Entertainment
Applibot Inc.
Upper Deck Entertainment
Mondadori Editore
Orion Publishing
Petroglyph Games


CGElite Award –
Elite Artist Award –
Frontpage Award –
Excellence Award –
Hall of Fame Award –
Choice Award –
Excellence Award –
Excellence Award – EXPOSE 7
Master Award – EXPOSE 7
Master Award – EXPOSE 11

Credit: Kerem Beyit
character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-1

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-2

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-3

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-4

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-5

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-6

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-7

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-8

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-9

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-dragon-fan art-1

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-1

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-2

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-4

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-5

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-6

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-8

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-9

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-10

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-11

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-12

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-13

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-14

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-15

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-16

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-17

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-pirates-18

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-rom characters-1

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-rom characters-2

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-rom characters-3

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-rom characters-4

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-rom characters-7

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-rom characters-8

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-wolverine-fan art-1

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-wolverine-fan art-2

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-wolverine-fan art-3

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-wolverine-fan art-4

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-wow tcg-1

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-wow tcg-2

character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-wow tcg-3

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-1

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-2

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-3

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-4

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-5

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-6

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-7

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-8

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-9

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-11

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-12

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-13

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-14

digital art-game design-painting-wow tcg-15

digital art-illustration-painting-1

digital art-illustration-painting-2

digital art-illustration-painting-3

female guardian- character design-digital art-drawing

robin hood characters-character design-digital art-drawing-illustration

robin hood characters-character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-2

robin hood characters-character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-3

robin hood characters-character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-4

robin hood characters-character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-5

superman-the legend-character design-digital art-drawing-illustration


superman-the legend-character design-digital art-drawing-illustration-4

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