75+ Free Paper Texture Stock 2015

What is coated and uncoated?

The coated stock lined in a very skinny layer of a compound that seals the porous surface of the paper. This compound is then buffed till it’s shiny, making a pleasant, sleek background for the ink to print on it. Less ink is needed once printing on a coated stock, since the coating prevents the paper from gripping the ink.

Not all coated stocks ought to look shiny. potential coating end designs embody matte, gloss, satin, or soft-touch liquid coating, additionally as lamination or ultraviolet. Coating finishes might solely be applied to coated stocks.

These uncoated stocks have a sleek texture while not the employment of a coating layer. Printing on uncoated stock needs a bigger quantity of ink, since the pores within the stock aren’t stuffed and might absorb a lot of ink.

One profit to employing a sleek, uncoated stock is that your folder will simply be written on with associate degree ink pen. These conjointly tend to be the fore most eco-friendly stocks, because the lack of coating makes them utile or compostable, and a number of other are made of 100 percent recycled materials.

Textured, uncoated stocks are designed to mimic the properties of different materials. In some cases, this suggests a powerful, noticeable tactile pattern (such like linen stocks), whereas in different cases, the feel is primarily visual (as is that the case with fiber stocks).

These stocks ar usually used with embossing, because the thick fibers provide a bolder raised impact, each in look and feel. However, these stocks aren’t suggested for foil stamping as a result of the feel makes it exhausting for the foil to stay to the paper. we have a tendency to conjointly don’t advocate printing little text on these stocks, since the feel might absorb the ink and cause bleeds.

This wonderful collection also have the professional stock of free wood texture. Feel free to download and enjoy.

Download 75+ Free Paper Texture Stock 2015:


12pt-Cast-Coat-C1S 12pt-Cast-Coat-C2S 12pt-Colorcoat-Black-C1S 12pt-Colorcoat-C1S 12pt-Marblecoat-Black-C1S 12pt-Marblecoat-Blue-C1S 12pt-Marblecoat-Burgundy-C1S 12pt-Marblecoat-Green-C1S 12pt-Semi-Gloss-C1S 12pt-Semi-Gloss-C2S 14pt-Semi-Gloss-C1S 14pt-Semi-Gloss-C2S 18pt-Eco-Kraft-Brown 18pt-Semi-Gloss-C1S 80lb-Eco-Smooth-Ivory 80lb-Eco-Smooth-White 80lb-Felt-Bright-White 80lb-Felt-Flax 80lb-Felt-Granite 80lb-Felt-New-Black 80lb-Felt-Sand-Stone 80lb-Felt-Spruce 80lb-Felt-Warm-White 80lb-Fiber-Cream 80lb-Fiber-Gray 80lb-Fiber-Ice-Blue 80lb-Fiber-Natural 80lb-Fiber-Periwinkle 80lb-Fiber-Rose 80lb-Fiber-Thyme 80lb-Fiber-White 80lb-Smooth-White 80lb-Tweed-Royal-Blue 80lb-Vellum-Birch 80lb-Vellum-Jute 80lb-Vellum-Leaf-Green 90lb-Cornwain-Deep-Blue 90lb-Cornwain-White 90lb-Hopsack-Deep-Blue 90lb-Hopsack-Forest-Green 90lb-Hopsack-White 100lb-Linen-Burgundy 100lb-Linen-Dark-Blue 100lb-Linen-Deep-Black 100lb-Linen-Deep-Pine 100lb-Linen-Eggplant 100lb-Linen-Mahogany 100lb-Linen-Merlot 100lb-Linen-Natural 100lb-Linen-Sterling-Gray 100lb-Linen-White 100lb-Smooth-White 100lb-Vellum-Aquamarine 120lb-Gloss-Cover-C2S 140lb-Index-Blue 140lb-Index-Canary 150lb-Tag-Manila 150lb-Tag-White Pumice-Felt-80lb Red-Hopsack-90lb Royal-Blue-Tweet-80lb White-Eggshell-80lb Yellow-Vellum-80lb


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