80+ Premium WordPress Themes For Premium Bloggers 2015

These are the 80+ Premium WordPress Themes For Premium Bloggers 2015. Give a nice and professional look to your blogs by having these extraordinary wordpress themes. Just buy and enjoy.


1: Nexus WordPress Theme:

Nexus could be a versatile magazine wordpress theme packed choked with custom widgets and content modules that offer you management over your page. The challenge of any magazine theme is to require huge amounts of content and gift it to the reader in a very clear and structured manner. Nexus achieves this through a strict grid, trade hierarchy and a clean layout that offers every component merely enough space to breath.

Nexus WordPress Theme

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2: Aggregate WordPress Theme:

Aggregates comes filled with heaps of content and widget-ready areas, and manages to show everything in an exceedingly clear and decipherable manner. We’ve got additionally intercalary some handy new widgets, similarly as several new ad areas. If you’ve got been checking out a feature-rich Magazine-style theme for your web log, then look no additional.

Aggregate WordPress Theme

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3: StyleShop eCommerce WordPress Theme:

StyleShop could be a sleek and powerful eCommerce WordPress Theme that has all the tools you wish to launch a roaring on-line store. The look is gorgeous and responsive, associated includes a singular mobile layout that creates browsing your web site on a breeze notwithstanding what device you’re using. If you’re probing for an all-in-one resolution for your new business, then StyleShop is that the theme for you.

StyleShop eCommerce WordPress Theme

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4: TheSource WordPress Theme:

TheSource could be a Magazine-style theme that mixes loudness with sophistication. The goal behind this theme was to form a style that would show different content in associate organized and visually pleasing manner. The three-column grid offers you multiplied management over your layout, and also the full-width homepage slider creates a visible impact that’s absolute to pique your visitor’s interest.

TheSource WordPress Theme

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5: DelicateNews WordPress Theme:

DelicateNews may be a content-heavy magazine theme wrapped in a chic and “delicate” Shell. that includes a 3-column grid and lots of homepage content retailers, this theme offers you the chance to feature heaps of content while not creating your web site feel incommodious or mussy.

DelicateNews WordPress Theme

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