Most Annoying Things About Gadgets and Apps

Admit it: life would be completely miserable without technology. However, for all the good they have brought to our lives, gadgets and apps can still make your life miserable with many hair pull moments over the course of your daily life. Here are some of the things we hate most about technology.

Most Annoying Things About Gadgets and Apps

Cab Hailing Company Driver Distractions

Uber and Lyft made life simpler by ensuring you can book a cab even before you have left your doorsteps but on many occasions, you find yourself muttering prayers during rides as the Uber driver attempts to accept a ride assignment mid ride before the assignment expires in 15 seconds. When the driver isn’t tapping to accept assignments, he is tapping to use the map. If you find a driver that is very keen on making money, that could mean being driven by someone tapping away at 3 phones during the drive!

Poor Battery Life

Over the years, smartphone makers have focused on making beautiful, slimmer smartphones. For some inexplicable reason, they haven’t been able to come up with gadgets that don’t that you keep your eyes
glued to the battery meter as the day goes by. Smartphones simply don’t have enough juice to keep up with the powerful processors and dazzling screens.

Too Many Sounds

Pick any gadget today and you will be forced to use the silent mode simply to avoid the myriad of ear churning sounds that are embedded on each app. From notifications to screen unlocking and keyboard usage, there are different annoying sounds. Pull up your chat apps like WhatsApp and you will find different sounds for every action too! Who thought it was a good idea to have sounds for pressing keys on a smartphone anyway? Of course there are options to turn off the sounds but they are usually buried deep in menus that the only option is to use the Silent mode. That comes with its own problems as well as you could miss important appointments!

Endless Email Request

From using a free Wi-Fi hotspot to surfing some of your favorite pages online, the contact form popups constantly asking for email addresses just won’t go away! We know they need the emails for marketing purposes so isn’t it time for the culprits to start exploring other marketing avenues?