Download 8 Free Best Android Apps to Wear 2015

Today i share with you the best and professional tech post of  “Download 8 Free Best Android Apps to Wear 2015”. This is the best android apps collection for your wear watch, which helps you in your daily life, anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Download 8 Free Best Android Apps to Wear 2015:

1: Android Wear Faces Creator:

The most interesting thing in this watch, its digital display, which watch face is fully customize.


Download Free Android Wear Faces Creator

2: Runtastic Running & Fitness:

It is one of the best free android app for your fitness wear smart watch. The extra ordinary thing is that you can measure your tracking distance during your exercise. You can measure your daily exercise distance in daily purpose.


Download Free Runtastic Running & Fitness

3: Wear Calc App:

This is one of the best and more innovative android app, which you can use anywhere, you want. This app will help you to calculate your desired, anyplace or anywhere. You can say that calculation in your finger tips.


Download Free Wear Calc App

4: Wear Internet Browser App

We can say that it is an more innovative and essential app for the young generation. You can browse your desired website or blog anywhere outside of your homes, offices, means to say, anywhere you want.


Download Free Wear Internet Browser App

5: Wear Volume App:

With the help of this Wear Volume app, you can manage your volume behavior on your wrist. This is also is one of the best and friendly app for your watch wear.


Download Free Wear Volume App

6: Tinder Android App:

This app will help you to get in touch with your desired Mr or Mrs. You can also see the bio and specification about the person, which you want to get in touch.


Free Download Tinder Android App

7: Glympse Android App – Share GPS location:

This app Glympse Android App – Share GPS location will help you to get inform about your location and also let you inform about the location of your friend and family to meet up. You can use it with the text, help of twitter, facebook etc.


Download Free Glympse Android App

8: Find My Phone Android App – Android Wear:

This wonderful app will help you to find out your loss watchwear. This app turn on the alarm or vibration, which you can help you to find out your watch. In case of somebody or thief have stolen your watch, in this case you have to install the google desktop software.


Free Download Find My Phone Android App